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First-Pitch Strike Warm-up and Recovery Program DVD with Added Features

Price: $77.00


This video features 2018 MLB draft
picks Joe DeMers, Trevor Larnach,
and Willie MacIver


The First-Pitch Strike Warm-up & Recovery Program for the pitching arm is a one-of-a kind program that takes the idea of arm preparation and repair to a whole new level.

It’s the before and after tubing-exercise program that can make the difference in how well you do when you start pitching and how well you recover in the days following.

The DVD is designed for simplicity as well as education. The “before” is the pre-pitching program: every movement correlates to the pitching motion and the warm-up needs of the shoulder, elbow, forearm and wrist.

The “after” is the post-pitching program: the exercises were chosen to restore the shoulder from the specific stresses imposed by the motion.

Science Behind the Design Handbook and the Take-to-the-field Workout Sheets
The handbook and worksheet are included on the DVD and explains every exercise and the science behind its design. It’s packed with information for the lay-person as well as special notations for the sport science professional. There is also a special chapter in the DVD explaining the science, exercise by exercise.

If you are interested in

• offsetting and preventing injuries
• improving the musculature involved in the pitching motion
• being 100% prepared every time you go to the mound
• enhancing recovery and restoration after pitching

Then you will want this program to be a part of your routine!

Buy one today…and be improved tomorrow.
Are you ready?