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The Fix with Angel Borrelli
hosted by Joe Janish

Information, Solutions, and Troubleshooting for the baseball pitcher

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The intent of this program is to provide immediate strategies and solutions for our pitchers so they can avoid becoming part of the injury crisis that is so prevalent in baseball. This program is for youth pitchers, professional pitchers, parents of pitchers, and coaches. I promise food for thought with a new and refreshing approach. It's full of insights, education and information, training tips, and more.

About my fantastic host, Joe Janish
Joe is the founder of, a resource helping baseball pitchers understand why injuries occur and how they can be prevented. He also writes for ESPN's SweetSpot Network and is a baseball instructor at Akadema’s ProPlayer Academy in Hawthorne, NJ. Joe earned NCAA Division 1 All-American honors as a catcher for St. Peter’s College and was the pitching coach for St. Peter’s most successful season, when the team was MAAC champion and made its first and only appearance in the NCAA Regionals. Through the years, Joe has coached several players who went on to play pro ball, including a few lucky enough to make it to MLB.


Season 8 Episode 9 - June 29, 2021

S8E9 - Sticky Fingers…and Sticking the Landing: Part Two

Don't miss this episode: live videos, drills, exercises... everything you need to wrap your brain around the importance of the stability of the front leg.

TM link: See the pictures and videos on YouTube

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Season 8 Episode 8 - June 29, 2021

S8E8 - Sticky Fingers and Sticking your Landing: Part One…and how they are related

In this episode, Coach Larry Owens and I dive into the topic of the day: the use of sticky substances by MLB pitchers. I interviewed three younger pitchers and you will hear their take-home messages about the subject.

You will also hear Part One of “Sticking your Landing”; the importance of stability of the front leg for power through the acceleration and follow-through parts of the delivery especially as it relates to maintaining a good grip on the ball.

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Season 8 Episode 7 - June 2, 2021

S8E7 - Pitching Velocity and Command: how it can be compromised by Leading with the Elbow

Using a comparison to a quarterback's arm position, I discuss one of the most common flaws in shoulder mechanics that can cause inefficient spin, loss of velocity, and diminished command of the baseball. Leading with the elbow is especially common in youth pitchers. With an anatomy lesson in the forearm, and excellent questions from Coach Larry Owens of Bellarmine University, I teach how to see what it looks like and offer some tips on the why and how of understanding the issue.

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Season 8 Episode 6 - May 14, 2021

S8E6 - Finger "tips" for controlling the fastball: my six-drill plan to increase your feel for the release of the most important pitch in your arsenal

The fingers and fingertips are the last body part to have contact with the ball which makes them the most important body part to understand, have feel for, and strengthen. This episode was created to give you a new way, or a reminder, about the importance of what happens as the ball leaves your hand.

Head Coach Larry Owens from Bellarmine University is my Co-Host and as always, he sheds his unique perspective on this topic and the current increase in the hit-by-pitch statistic.

Watch the Drills on YouTube

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Season 8 Episode 5 - April 27, 2021

In-season Troubleshooting: the magical moment before max external rotation

In this episode, I share an "eye candy" moment from the mechanics of Giolito and Bieber. Using a detail of their mechanics as a sample, you will learn how to see and understand the shoulder position prior to the max external rotation position along with how to teach the feel and the skill involved.

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Season 8 Episode 4 - April 13, 2021

In-season Troubleshooting

  • Incomplete rotation to the plate
  • Timing
  • Stretch vs. Wind-up stride differences...

...are the topics discussed in this episode of The Fix.

Troubleshooting a pitcher's issues during the season must be done differently than in the off-season. If pitchers start to show sudden location, velocity, or arm-soreness issues, as coaches you need easy and simple ways to recognize the issues and make simple adjustments. This episode will give you some of the easiest fixes I use to get the job done without doing a complete overhaul to the pitcher's delivery.

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Season 8 Episode 3 - February 19, 2021

Talking Velocity from the “outside in”: the first steps to getting it done

With my guest,Associate Head Coach Jon Watson, who was a closer in college as well as a former pitching coach with the Angels’ Minor League system, we take this topic on in a 1-2-3 closer-style.

To coaches at all levels… don’t miss this episode.

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