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April 21, 2018

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Season 5 Episode 8 - July 27, 2018

This Week

The 7 Best Exercises To Prevent Tommy John Surgery

Can a pitcher succeed both as a starter and a reliever? In the "Lessons from the MLB" segment, Joe and Angel discuss the differences between starters and closers, as well as the important details that a coach should remember when deciding to use a pitcher in both roles.

In "The Teaching Moment," Angel provides a seven-exercise complete workout for the forearms, wrists and fingers that strengthen the muscles needed to keep the pitcher's elbow safe and help prevent UCL injuries. And, she calls on all pitchers to make the month of August the month when they get serious about getting the forearms big and strong to offset the high risk they have for injury to the elbow.

Finally, in "The Ninth Inning," Angel explains why using radar guns in bullpens may not be a good idea.


Season 5 Episode 7 - July 12, 2018

This Week

"Should Pitchers Push Off the Rubber? How You Really Get from the Back Leg to the Front"

Should you push-off the rubber? While discussing Aroldis Chapman’s knee injury during the "Lessons from MLB" segment, Joe and Angel visit the debate of how you get from the back leg to the front leg.

In "The Teaching Moment," Angel talks about the dangers of the long-held belief that pitching with pain is normal -- as is commonly reported by many current and former MLB pitchers. She explains how, over the past 30 years, science has developed answers that provide the opportunity to pitch pain-free while also improving performance. Want to know how to get started as a "21st century, pain-free pitcher"? Angel offers five tips.

Finally, in "The Ninth Inning," Joe and Angel explain why you shouldn't post video of your son on Facebook for group feedback.


Season 5 Episode 6 - June 29, 2018

This Week

Noah Syndergaard's Finger Injury Explained Plus Getting Over the Front Leg To Maximize Velocity.

In the Lessons from the MLB segment, Joe and Angel talk about Noah Syndergaard’s sprained index finger:what does it mean and tips on determining the cause.

In the Teaching Moment, Angel gives three possible causes of why a pitcher is having a problem with getting over his front leg and releasing the ball as close to the plate as possible.

And in the Ninth Inning, Angel talks about the dangers of using MLB pitchers’ style to determine what should or shouldn’t be done.She teaches about the importance of seeing each pitcher’s specialness.Coaches, pitchers, and Dads…you don’t want to miss this segment.


Season 5 Episode 5 - June 14, 2018

This Week

Add Velocity Naturally: How a Pitcher Maximizes MPH Using His Height

In the Lessons from the MLB, Angel and Joe talk about the great NYY pitcher, Severino and how he is given such respect for being a pitcher that can “self-correct” on the mound.Angel talks about the beauty of this skill and how to acquire it…without letting it interfere with your pitching.

In the Teaching Moment, Angel talks about a way that every pitcher can increase his velocity right now.The importance of releasing your pitch as close to the plate as possible is discussed and gives coaches instruction as to what to look for PLUS a great drill to teach feel.

In the Ninth Inning, Angel gives you one more tip from prior podcasts regarding troubleshooting the Change-up.Angel also responds to a ‘curve-ball” that Joe threw her in the last podcast


Season 5 Episode 4 - June 1, 2018

This Week

The Change-Up:grips, muscles, and troubleshooting tips

In The Teaching Moment, Joe Janish and baseball pitching motion expert Angel Borrelli talk about the change-up, including the grips, the muscles involved, and how to use that information to troubleshoot issue with its effectiveness.Additionally, using some examples of common methods used to practice the change-up, Angel talks about how to avoid mistakes when creating a drill or practice session.

Additionally, Angel answers a listener's question about the exact descriptionof "stride foot contact" and how it relates to where the arm should be at that moment in the motion.

In The Ninth Inning,Angel "closes" the episode with a very common flaw in a pitcher's rotation phase that can rob him of velocity.


Season 5 Episode 3 - May 10, 2018

This Week

In this episode, Joe Janish and baseball pitching motion expert Angel Borrelli speak with Bellarmine University Head Baseball Coach Larry Owens about five things that pitchers can do to improve their performance.

One by one, Larry details five pillars of pitching performance that many coaches and pitchers already are familiar with. After Larry explains the importance of each -- i.e., "the why," Angel describes ways that pitchers can approach and practice them -- i.e., "the how."

Angel "closes" the episode in the "Ninth Inning" segment, asking and answering the question "should a pitcher go as fast as he can down the hill during his stride?"