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April 21, 2018

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Season 5 Episode 17 - December 26, 2018

This Week

In the “Coaching the Coaches” segment, Angel gives you the-how and the-why of these two actions which can either make or break a pitchers throwing and/or pitching motion. Included in the discussion are tips for ways you can work with your pitchers on the field during practice and flat-ground throwing to assess and correct these very important skills.

In the “All It Takes is All You Got” segment, you will hear about and see a critical exercise for pitchers that deals with the rotation phase of the pitching motion; i.e., when the pitcher transitions from his sideways-stride downhill to his facing-the-target position. This is quite possibly one of the most misunderstood skills in the pitching motion and during the explanation of the exercise, you will also learn and be able to understand this invaluable component of the motion. It ties in with the first segment and promises to deliver great information. Visit Angel Borrelli Pitching You on Tube Channel to watch as you learn.



Season 5 Episode 16 - December 3, 2018

This Week

Re-entry Throwing Programs: ideas and innovations to create results

In the “Coaching the Coaches” segment, Angel talks about creative ways to make the first few weeks of flat ground throwing valuable and how to create objectives that will produce solid results.

In the “All it Takes is All You Got” segment, Angel shares one of her skill-specific exercises to teach pitchers how to properly flex at the hip to create the best forward trunk tilt…the skill that is necessary to get over the front leg when delivering the ball. She filmed Joe DeMers during one of his training sessions and you can see the three-phase movements being done on YouTube at Angel Borrelli Pitching



Season 5 Episode 15 - November 12, 2018

This Week

Our “Engineering the Pitcher” Series

In a very special “Coaching the Coaches’ segment, Joe and I continue with the discussion from the last episode about the re-entry throwing programs that we use to transition pitchers from the off-season to the pre-season.The necessity of returning to “precision” specific methods for the pitcher is discussed and I offer food-for-thought for re-structuring how you handle your throwing programs.

In the very popular “All it Takes is All you Got” segment, the next priority-training muscle group is discussed.Coupling it with the last episodes’ objectives for the pitcher’s body, there should be no question as to why the biceps and elbow flexors are the topic for this episode.Your next three exercises are discussed with accompanying visuals on my YouTube Channel Angel Borrelli Pitching .A complete and thorough explanation of the elbow flexors and their role in pitching is also discussed.



Season 5 Episode 14 - October 23, 2018

This Week

Angel and Joe kick off the fall/ winter episodes with their Engineering the Pitcher series.

In this episode’s first segment, “Who’s Your Daddy”, Angel answers the most frequently asked questions from fathers. She talks about creating a calendar for reentry from off-season, how to plan showcases, whether or not a pitcher should have an off-season, etc.

In the second segment, “All it Takes is All You Got”, Angel talks strength training for pitchers and suggests Priority Training the rear shoulder for the next three weeks.The videos of the exercises are available on the Angel Borrelli Pitching You Tube Channel


Season 5 Episode 13 - October 4, 2018

This Week

In the Lessons from the MLB, Joe and Angel discuss the use of stats during the game to determine when to pull a pitcher. Angel shares an innovative idea for MLB teams to consider that could help them take additional care of their pitchers.

In the Teaching Moment, front-leg knee mechanics is discussed. Using a photo presentation that you can see on her YouTube Channel, she discusses how the common habit of pulling and extending the front knee backward, away from the target, costs velocity as well as knee health. You won’t believe what you will see in the still-shots with regard to the release point. A picture truly is worth a thousand words.

And in the 9th inning, Angel gives coaches another tool to help them protect their pitchers’ valuable arms. You will get specific information as to the connection between where a pitcher says he his hurting and where in his mechanics you should look for the possible cause. This is a don’t-miss segment for all coaches.


Season 5 Episode 12 - September 20, 2018

This Week

In the Lessons from the MLB, Angel and Joe discuss the newest statistics on the high number of TJ surgeries. Angel weighs in on her thoughts about not only the reason, but what needs to happen so make a dent in this issue. You won’t want to miss her common sense approach to a solution.

In the Teaching Moment, Angel instructs on a common flaw she often sees that not only robs the pitcher of velocity but is one of the easiest adjustments to make. Please visit Angel Borrelli Pitching on YouTube to see what you're hearing. With the aid of the photos on her You Tube Channel, Angel Borrelli Pitching, coaches and pitchers will have an easy understanding of how to make sure they are not leaving miles-per-hour on the mound.

And in the 9th Inning, Angel discusses her philosophy that many injuries and surgeries can be prevented with early intervention and not turning a blind-eye to what your body is saying to you. She provides a checklist for specific and general indicators that a problem might be brewing in your pitching arm.

Running log of Tommy John Surgeries

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