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Episode 8, July 15th - 2019 Season

This Week

In the MLB segment of this podcast, Joe asks if pitchers should ever pitch through pain. Citing Jake Arrieta’s elbow bone spur as an example, we discuss pitchers and their injuries.

In the Teaching Moment, using photos and a video, you will see two strength drills I designed to help pitchers feel the strength needed to offset the forces to the front leg that can cause instability if not understood and strengthened.

And in the Pearls Segment, citing Noah Syndergaard’s most recent release-point issue as an example, I talk about how the hand arrives at the release point and how mechanical flaws can contribute to location issues.

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Episode 7, July 1st - 2019 Season

This Week

The MLB has been experimenting with limiting innings, “deloading” with their Minor Leaguers, data-driven decisions and various other methods to limit injuries and protect our pitchers. And as we know, everything in the MLB has a trickle-down effect to our college, high school and youth pitchers.

In the MLB segment of this podcast, I talk about Jordan Hicks, one of the most gifted pitchers of today. He just had Tommy John last week, in spite of attempts to limit his exposure to injury. I share my perspective on what should happen next for Jordan.

In the Teaching Moment, Joe and I discuss the Texas Rangers’ “deloading” program for their Minor League pitchers and how it backfired (per their own words). I talk about an important take-home message from this experiment.

And in “The Pearl” segment, I unpack a few of the biggest mistakes I have witnessed during these beginning months of the spring/summer season for pitchers. It’s easy to overlook the smallest of details when it comes to the care of the pitcher and I use these mistakes to provide some food-for-thought for your future decisions.

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Episode 6, June 17th - 2019 Season

This Week

With our special guest Larry Owens, we discuss the "crazy" NCAA pitching stats that were just released and what it tell us about the direction of pitching and hitting.

The impact of the use of data, the chase for velocity, and current trends in coaching are all discussed with Larry's unique perspective. Code: ELBOW Code: ROTATION


Episode 5, May 23rd - 2019 Season

This Week

Hitting injuries vs. pitching injuries: are they acknowledged and noticed sooner when a hitter's performance declines vs. when a pitcher's performance starts to suffer.

In the MLB segment, Joe asks about why this seems to be the norm in baseball.

In the Teaching Moment, I talk about one specific flaw with the glove arm that directly affects the pitcher's rotation which in turn, can directly affect the pitcher's potential velocity.

The Pearls segment is devoted to helping the listeners make the important decisions that come-up at this time of the year with regard to whether a pitcher should play in the summer, take time off, etc.. How to design a yearly plan is discussed. Code: ELBOW Code: ROTATION


Episode 4, May 13th - 2019 Season

This Week

In the MLB segment, Joe and I talk about the resurgence of what is called "the yips" in a few MLB players. I plant the seed for thinking about this issue as physical not mental.

The topic is so important, that I continue discussing it in the Teaching Moment, through explaining the way the ball is actually held, rolled, and finally released in the pitching motion and why the ball-release disorder can easily be mistaken for emotional or mental. Buckle up for this discussion! Some ideas for diagnosis, warning signs, and exercises are presented. Code: ELBOW Code: ROTATION

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Episode 3, April 25th - 2019Season

This Week Code: ROTATION

In the MLB segment of this episode, we talk about what to do when a previously good pitcher starts to have problems, which is the current situation with a very famous pitcher. I talk about my hopes for baseball to continue to progress with how to handle signs and symptoms before they get out-of-hand.

In the Teaching Moment, I continue my series on Troubleshooting Velocity. In this episode, I talk, show, and teach how to initiate rotation which is the part of the motion that needs to be done correctly to ensure that the arm can deliver the ball with its greatest speed. Click Here for Teaching Moment Video

And in the Pearls segment, we get down to it by talking about the feet and their importance at the beginning and end of the motion. You won't want to miss this segment because it's one of the simplest corrections you can make to a pitcher's delivery and it can produce immediate improvements.