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Season 7 Episode 4, October 23rd

Situations and Solutions for Off-Season… and… Should You Emulate a MLB pitcher that You Like?

With the unusual circumstances of the 2020 spring, summer, and fall seasons for baseball pitchers, coaches and pitchers find themselves asking questions about readiness for the fall, shutting pitchers down when if feels like they’ve been shut down, and scenarios that are beyond one’s imagination.

Many situations are discussed with my suggestions for how to make decisions that will ensure a sound re-entry into spring baseball, 2021.

I also delve into the main question I receive during the World Series: “so-and-so on the MLB does this with his mechanics and he is really good.Should I emulate him?”You want to hear this before you start making your own adjustments.

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Season 7 Episode 3, October 8th

The 2020 MLB Post-Season Play-offs: take home messages that I saw and heard...loud and clear

In this special episode, Coach Larry Owens from Bellarmine University and myself talk about two topics that are critical to the development and success of our pitchers (and are often overlooked and/or underplayed as being important).

There are no words to describe or summarize our discussion so do not miss listening to this episode.If you are a coach, a parent, or a pitcher, and the topics we discuss pertain to you, the information you hear could be a game-changer for you and your improvement.

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Season 7 Episode 2, September 17th

“Three-up and three-down”: a topic line-up you do not want to miss

MLB pitching injuries: why are there so many?

Creating and planning your cycles of training between now and the beginning of the 2021 season…plus…the special recruitment obstacles facing our graduating high-school seniors.

The importance of the height of the front leg: a drill and exercise that teach the skill.

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Season 7 Episode 1, April 23rd

Get a Grip

The season opener begins with the podcast’s newest addition, Coach Larry Owens, and his segment called the “Top of the First”.Larry talks about a topic that is near to him: youth pitchers being overused due to back-to-back games and how the negative results of being overused can show-up for many years to come. Larry and I try to offer some “food-for-thought” to youth coaches on how to address this ongoing issue.

And in the Teaching Moment for this episode entitled “Get a Grip”, I talk aboutthe anatomy of the grip, the roles of the fingers and wrist, and their relationship and connection to the release, spin rate, pitch-type, hand-size, etc.

And in today’s last segment, “Engineering the Pitcher”, I make some suggestions for how pitcher’s can “get a better grip” on the baseball through strength training the often-forgotten fingers as well as the wrist.

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Season 6 Episode 20 - April 23, 2019

A Special Pop-Up Episode for Coaches

The Fix:a special pop-up episode covering

  • Re-entry into baseball
  • Creative ideas for handling a short summer season
  • How to organize a throwing/pitching program when the start date is not certain
  • Two deadly pitching-motion flaws that can be fixed at home without releasing a ball

I invited Associate Head Coach Steve Harrow from Morro Bay High School in California to help with the discussion.

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Season 6 Episode 19 - March 20, 2019

How to Plan for a Safe Re-Entry and a Great Comeback when baseball returns

In this episode, I brought together three expert coaches:

Ed Sprague, Director of Player Development, Oakland A’s
Larry Owens, Head Coach, Bellarmine University, Kentucky
Andy Tarpley, Head Coach, College Park High School…

…to discuss all the issues facing baseball and players during this trying time.

Also included:suggestions for the daily plan to survive…and maybe even thrive…during this crisis including workout ideas, arm readiness, etc.

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