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Week 12, September 12 - 2016 Season

This Week

In this episode, Joe and Icouldn’t help but talk about Stephen Strasburg and his most recent problems. I got a chance to check-out a video of his pitching to determine if there was anything mechanical that may be causing his pain.What I caught on film bodes well for Stephen in terms of understanding a possible cause for his continued issues.

And in response to many calls from coaches all over the country, we dedicated a huge segment of this show to ideas on how to make a Fall Ball program more productive.I give coaches seven ideas that can be put into play immediately.

In the "Location" segment of the podcast, I talk about something I saw twice last week while working with my pitchers on location issues.If you don’t know what “lateral trunk tilt” is and how it plays a role in locating a pitch, you will not want to miss this.

Week 11, August 15th - 2016 Season

This Week

In this episode #11 of The Fix, we use the recent arm issues with Stephen Strasburg and Nathan Eovaldi to provide some exceptional material for increasing our knowledge about detecting and understanding arm injuries.

In the Teaching Moment segment of this episode, Joe and I also continue to discuss off-season training focusing on “priority” training for the pitcher.Seven very important muscles are discussed.

And in this season’s special segment on “Location” I talk about one of my favorite topics…the relationship between the glove arm and the pitching arm.

Week 10, August 15th - 2016 Season

This Week

Episode Ten is a special edition of The Fix for coaches, pitchers, and strength coaches. With the end of the summer season, questions about what to do in the upcoming fall season are prevalent.Making the decision of whether to play fall ball or take the months off from playing can be confusing.With some guidelines and questions to ask yourself, you can layout the perfect plan for the fall and winter months.

Off-season training is also discussed including some do’s and don’ts for strength coaches and ideas on how to select the best strength coach for your team.

Week 9, August 1st - 2016 Season

This Week

In this episode of The Fix, the trending news about pitch count rules for high school pitchers is discussed.

And with Clayton Kershaw on the DL for a back injury, I use the Teaching Moment to explain why I was able to predict this problem a year ago and discuss the “rules of the bones” that should be understood and followed by pitchers.How I would “fix” Clayton is discussed.

And in my Location segment, I talk about the critical features required on a joint level to locate a curve ball.You don’t want to miss this one!

Week 8, July 18th - 2016 Season

This Week

In this episode of The Fix, Joe and Angel discuss the continuing problems of pitchers Noah Syndergaard and Matt Harvey and their respective injuries:bone spurs and thoracic outlet syndrome. Angel explains the “what and how” of these injuries and sends a special message to coaches who can play a pivotal role in early detection of pitching injuries.

In the Teaching Moment segment, Angel instructs about the importance of the proper arm angle at stride-foot contact and gives a unique perspective on how this angle sets-up the shoulder for the rotational movements that are required for optimal efficiency and velocity.

In this season’s Location segment, Angel discusses the glove arm and how it can help or hinder efficient rotation as well as location.She gives coaches a great tip on how to deal with problems by explaining one of her favorite drills.

Week 7, July 4th - 2016 Season

This Week

Baseball pitching motion troubleshooter Angel Borrelli and founder Joe Janish discuss the recent arm issues with New York Mets' Noah Syndergaard and Zach Wheeler coming on the heels of the Mets’ announcing a new “open-lines of communication” between the pitchers and management with regard to arm soreness and injuries.

Angel goes on to talk about why pitchers should not throw through pain, and offers corrections to Syndergaard's mechanics that could decrease the strain (and pain) being put on his elbow.

In this season’s“Location” segment, Angel talks about how over-rotating the upper trunk can create problems for locating pitches and gives a “how to” for coaches on how to spot this pitching motion flaw.