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April 21, 2018

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Week 6 - 2015 Season

This week

  • Justin Verlander's triceps issue:  the steps that I would use if I were investigating the problem

  • Tanaka's UCL tear and his decision to pitch with this injury
    "to use or not to use" weighted balls?
  • This week's tip:  the maximum external rotation position...
    the critical features of this "shape" prior to acceleration of the ball

Week 5 - 2015 Season

This week

  • New York Mets pitcher Zack Wheeler's UCL tear, Tommy John surgery, and the road he took that landed him on the operating table
  • The dispelling of three myths: 
    pitching through pain
    "pitching is unnatural" 
    pitching injuries are "inevitable" 
  •  ...and my gift of hope, clarity, and guidance in the battle against pitching injuries.
  • This week's tip: the pitcher develops the velocity that is transmitted through the body to the shoulder, the elbow, and the wrist...

Week 4 - 2015 Season

This week

  • New York Mets pitcher Josh Edgin, who was diagnosed with a "stretched ligament" in his elbow, and was described as having "dead arm." "Dead arm" is explained.
  • Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Cliff Lee's decision to pitch through a torn flexor tendon. 
  • A follow up on Episode 3 subjects Yu Darvish, who is undergoing Tommy John surgery, and Gavin Floyd, who has re-fractured his olecranon. 
  • The velocity-robbing flaw of "sinking," compared to "drop-and-drive," providing information that may be surprising to fans of Tom Seaver. 
  • Washington Nationals pitcher Matt Thornton, who is still throwing 95+ MPH at the age of 38 -- how does he maintain that velocity at that age? 
  • A shout-out of congratulations to College Park High School senior Joe DeMers, who pitched a perfect game with a pitch count of 71...and what he did the week leading up to his outstanding performance.
  • This week's tip:  recovery...the singular necessary variable that trumps everything

Week 3 - 2015 Season

This week

  • The rash of pitching injuries suffered in the first week of the 2015 spring training games.
  • Is long toss a good idea when a pitcher has a sore arm and/or a possible arm injury?
  • Should a pitcher throw threw sorenes?
  • A particular focus on Gavin Floyd's chronic and recurring elbow injuries, as well as the contrast between how Yu Darvish and Mark Appel reacted to warning signs experiened during their pregame warmups. 
  • Other pitchers discussed include Cliff Lee, Brandon Cumpton, Tim Collins, Adam Wainwright, and Vincent Velasquez.
  • This week's tip:  the "sinking front leg syndrome"...and how it can affect  velocity.

Week 2 - 2015 Season

This week

  • Having trouble getting loose?
  • Warming-up: what does it mean and how it can vary from pitcher to pitcher
  • A major risk factor for forearm/elbow problems and what we hope Homer Bailey of the Reds has corrected.
  • With our new added feature:  photos accessible on Joe's website as a visual learning tool
  • This week's tip:  does your pitcher look like he is walking a "tightrope" when his stride foot lands?...and how it can affect his velocity.

Week 1 - 2015 Season

This week

  • The biggest pre-season mistakes I've seen...and what you can do right now to make a correction.
  • The importance of preparation for throwing, throwing distance, and pitching.
  • What you should be looking for and asking your pitchers before spring training begins.
  • What is the single most important factor to consider in keeping pitchers healthy this year?
    This for pitchers at all levels from little leagues to the big leagues.
  • Pitching velocity: all you need to know.
  • This week's tip:  releasing close to the plate.