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Week 8, July 18th - 2016 Season

This Week

In this episode of The Fix, Joe and Angel discuss the continuing problems of pitchers Noah Syndergaard and Matt Harvey and their respective injuries: bone spurs and thoracic outlet syndrome. Angel explains the “what and how” of these injuries and sends a special message to coaches who can play a pivotal role in early detection of pitching injuries.

In the Teaching Moment segment, Angel instructs about the importance of the proper arm angle at stride-foot contact and gives a unique perspective on how this angle sets-up the shoulder for the rotational movements that are required for optimal efficiency and velocity.

In this season’s Location segment, Angel discusses the glove arm and how it can help or hinder efficient rotation as well as location. She gives coaches a great tip on how to deal with problems by explaining one of her favorite drills.

Week 7, July 4th - 2016 Season

This Week

Baseball pitching motion troubleshooter Angel Borrelli and founder Joe Janish discuss the recent arm issues with New York Mets' Noah Syndergaard and Zach Wheeler coming on the heels of the Mets’ announcing a new “open-lines of communication” between the pitchers and management with regard to arm soreness and injuries.

Angel goes on to talk about why pitchers should not throw through pain, and offers corrections to Syndergaard's mechanics that could decrease the strain (and pain) being put on his elbow.

In this season’s “Location” segment, Angel talks about how over-rotating the upper trunk can create problems for locating pitches and gives a “how to” for coaches on how to spot this pitching motion flaw.

Week 6, June 10th - 2016 Season

This Week

With Yu Darvish returning to MLB action, and fellow TJ rehabbers Zack Wheeler, Homer Bailey, Brandon McCarthy, and Adam Ottavino (amont others) targeting a second-half return, baseball pitching motion troubleshooter Angel Borrelli discusses what pitchers do to rehabilitate themselves from Tommy John surgery, and why some pitchers take longer than others to return to the mound.

During the Teaching Moment, Angel describes her background and the process of being a pitching motion troubleshoother. Additionally, she explains how her role differs from that of a pitching coach and biomechanist, and how all three work together to fine-tune pitching mechanics and keep a pitcher healthy and performing at his peak.

Finally, in the "Location" segment, Angel offers another way to improve command and a unique troubleshooting that involves keeping an eye on the pitcher's imaginary hip pockets.

Week 5, May 31st - 2016 Season

This Week

After winning the AL Cy Young Award in 2015, Houston Astros pitcher Dallas Keuchel is suddenly struggling -- his velocity is down, command is off, and he's fatiguing by the fifth inning. Pitching motion troubleshooter Angel Borrelli investigates Keuchel's mechanics and finds both a flaw that is common with pitchers at all levels and a fix that can be easily applied.

Also in this episode, host Joe Janish asks Angel what pitchers should do when they suffer from forearm tightness, citing Mets pitcher Steven Matz's forearm and elbow issues. During the "Teaching Moment," Angel and Joe discuss a recent study by Michael Sonne regarding MLB's proposal to use a pitch clock and how that could increase and accelerate pitchers' fatigue.

Finally, during the "Location" segment of the podcast, Angel provides a tip for improving command, using Washington Nationals pitcher Max Scherzer as an example.

Week 4, May 9th - 2016 Season

This Week

Should a pitching coach fix what isn't broken? In other words, if a pitcher is performing well in spite of a mechanical flaw, should a coach intervene by making a correction? Baseball pitching motion troubleshooter Angel Borrelli responds to that "rule" with a new one: "when it breaks, let's fix it!"

In the fourth episode of The Fix: Season 3, Angel defines platelet-rich-plasma injections, how they might be used in treating pitching injuries, and why they might not be helpful at all in a pitcher's return to the mound.

Next, Angel describes the importance of elbow angle at max external rotation, and how an incorrect angle can create shoulder problems, such as in the case of Tyson Ross.

Finally, using Matt Harvey as an example, Angel explains what a pitching coach means by "pushing the ball" and how the back leg affects command.

Week 3, April 28th - 2016 Season

This week

In this episode, Baseball pitching motion expert Angel Borrelli discusses forearm tightness and flexor strains, using Andrew Heaney's injury as an example. She explains why they happen, how they should be treated, and how they can quickly lead to UCL tears and Tommy John surgery. Further, she troubleshoots Andrew Heaney's pitching motion, offering a simple and easy adjustment to his mechanics that can prevent re-injury of his arm.

Also, with Jacob deGrom as an example, Angel connects the dots between lat strains and velocity loss, suggesting minor changes to deGrom's motion that could alleviate his lat issue. 

During the "Teaching Moment" segment, Angel talks about gadgets and drills that are designed to alter a pitcher's stride -- and why they can be more harmful than helpful. 

Finally, she presents an easy to apply tip that can improve pitching command.