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April 21, 2018

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Week 12 - 2015 Season

This week

  • The broken arm of A's pitcher Jarrod Parker...ouch!
    take home message for prevention

  • The labrum tear of TB Ray's pitcher Drew Smyly
    the early warning signs that can lead to this injury

  • Pitching velocity: all you need to know

  • the contribution of the wrist (with photos)

  • the role of the glove arm


Week 11 - 2015 Season

This week

  • Dr. Glenn Fleisig of the American Sports Medicine Institute as our special guest

  • From biomechanics to injuries, including the trends in Major League Baseball...we get down to it.

  • Dr. Fleisig also announces for the first time the release (and results) of his latest research on pitchers who have had Tommy John Surgery.

  • Listen to Joe Castellano interview me on what I advice I would give Tim Lincecum


Week 10 - 2015 Season

This week

  • Tom DeMers, father of nationally-ranked Joe DeMers, is our guest in this special edition of our podcast. 

  • With his son sitting in the middle of a 100% scholarship to University of Washington and a possibility of going 1st round in June, we knew Tom would have tons of great information for you.

  • From his first encounter with breaking a rule when Joe was 12 to keeping his son grounded, Tom talks the do's and don'ts that have gotten Joe to where he is today.


Week 9 - 2015 Season

This week

  • Updates from previous episodes such as Homer Bailey, Jonathon Niese, Justin Verlander, Vic Black, and Masahiro Tanaka.

  • The connection between Vic Black's herniated disc and his shoulder weakness.

  • The relationship of Tanaka's reduced velocity and his partial tear of the UCL.

  • This week's tip:  getting over the front leg (part two)...including our new feature that provides you with photos to help you understand.


Week 8 - 2015 Season

This week

  • Once again, there are an inordinate number of injuries in the MLB.  Listen to my take on what this means...and the take-home message for you.

  • Meija from the Mets has been widely discussed in the news because of his sudden-onset arm problem.  Joe elaborates on what's being said and asks for an interpretation and an explanation of what is actually happening and the direction that Meija should be considering as his next move.

  • This week's tip:  getting over the front leg (part one)...including our new feature: photos to help you understand.


Week 7 - 2015 Season

This week

  • Finally, Neise from the Mets came to the conclusion that his faulty stride may be contributing to his shoulder problem.  This could be a milestone in baseball in terms of making "adjustments" not such a scary thing.  Thank you Jonathan.

  • Verlander has been resting...but that the first step to returning to play?  I lay out my program that follows my "no false starts" philosophy.

  • Pitching velocity: all you need to know

  • This week's tip:  how the shoulder and elbow work together to carry the ball through acceleration to ball release.