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April 21, 2018

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Season 5 Episode 2 - April 23, 2018

This Week

In this episode, Joe Janish and baseball pitching motion expert Angel Borrelli discuss the 4 most critical adjustments for power pitchers. Just like a race car needs constant tune-ups, baseball pitchers need to be regularly reviewing and correcting their mechanics to remain at peak performance. Angel goes through the four most common adjustments she makes when working with high-velocity pitchers.

In the "Trending Topics" segment, Joe relays to Angel a comment by MLB Hall of Famer Pedro Martinez, who said that the split-finger fastball or forkball is the pitch that causes the most elbow pain and elbow injuries. Is it true? Angel answers, based on science.

In the final segment -- "The 9th Inning" -- Angel "closes" the show by answering a question posed by a listener regarding youths who pitch and catch in the same game.

Season 5 Episode 1 - April 4, 2018

How Joe DeMers Pitched a Perfect Game - Tips on Preparation, Training, and Making Adjustments In this episode, Joe Janish and baseball pitching motion expert Angel Borrelli speak with Joe DeMers, ace starter for University of Washington and author of the 27th perfect game in NCAA Division 1 history. DeMers has been Angel's client for the past eleven years, keeping him injury free through his entire career and ensuring that his strength training and mechanics stay in check. DeMers shares the training and mental preparation necessary to stay healthy and remain an elite pitcher at college baseball's highest level.

Topics include:

  • What age to start a weight training program
  • Maintaining a weight training program in season and out
  • Being open to, constantly reviewing, and making, mechanical adjustments
  • Importance of recovery
  • Mental discipline
  • Preparation
  • Handling success from a young age
  • Advice for pitchers making the adjustment from high school to college


Season 4 Episode 14 - October 10, 2017

This Week

  • What coaches and scouts look for in a pitcher?
  • Red flags you don't want to set off.
  • Velocity or Location...which is more important?

The final episode of Season 4 features Larry Owens, head baseball coach of Bellarmine University and a former pro baseball scout and minor league pitching coach.

Angel and Joe tap Larry's vast and varied experience as a player, coach, and scout to learn what amateur pitchers need to do to attract the attention of MLB scouts and college coaches. Additionally, Larry shares some of the secrets of successful pitching programs at both the college and pro levels.

Season 4 Episode 13 - September 22, 2017

Pitch Trajectory and "Angles": How the Chest, Arm, and Location Are Connected and How That Relates to Long Toss
In "lucky" episode 13 of The Fix, baseball pitching motion troubleshooter Angel Borrelli discusses how pitch angles are created, while explaining the connection of the chest, arm, and location. With that, you might think differently about long toss -- and you'll learn why it shouldn't be described as "strengthening the arm."

Also, what a pitcher do if his coach wants him to throw at distances he's never thrown before? What should coaches consider before implementing a "one size fits all" long toss program?

Additionally, Angel answers listener questions about using bands to warm up, and how to teach pitching mechanics to a nine-year-old.


Season 4 Episode 12 - September 8, 2017


  • the purpose of the knee lift
  • rear hip pre-stretching
  • when to begin the motion forward
  • the front knee during acceleration:the two styles are discussed


In part three of the Fall Ball Reboot, baseball pitching motion troubleshooter Angel Borrelli and Joe Janish answer listeners' burning questions that arose as a result of parts one and two. The episode begins with Angel answering a question posed by several fathers -- what to do if their sons are being forced to do long-distance running?

Next, Angel addresses a coach's question about whether the pitcher should be moving forward as his knee is being raised. Angel explains the purpose of the knee lift and how it relates to the front leg action at acceleration. Once you hear the science behind it, you'll learn how and why it's possible that Aroldis Chapman could add even MORE velocity to his fastball.

Finally, Joe throws Angel a curveball by asking a question of his own.

Season 4 Episode 11 - August 25, 2017

Part Two: “Fall Ball Reboot: Using Science to Update Your Fall Baseball Program”

In this segment, the emphasis is on ‘Putting the Pitcher back into the Pitch”. It’s easy to fall into repeat patterns at the beginning of the season as well as the easy and usual “cookie-cutter approach” with your pitching staff. Nothing is better than starting out with an individual one-on-one with each pitcher to tune-in and tap-in to his condition, his performances, etc.. With samples of questions for you to ask, and some special considerations to think about, this episode will help you revitalize the way you look at your pitchers.