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Pitching Velocity - Breaking it down to the skill

Pitching Velocity - Breaking it down to the skill

Price: $47.00


There are “skills within the skill” of pitching and the pitcher’s ability to perform those skills directly affects how well he will perform. Velocity of the pitch begins developing through the rotation of the pitcher's body.  How well he does it and how efficiently he performs it determines how much force will be passed on to the ball.  My book gives you all the background information you need to understand it as well as learn how to do it...correctly and efficiently.


My book is presented in a pdf format and includes:

  • a live video drill demonstrating my favorite way to teach the skill
  • guidelines for how you can design your own exercises and drills
  • troubleshooting tips when evaluating a pitcher’s rotation
  • the science behind rotation
  • …and more!


Download the Table of Contents


If you are a pitcher or a father of a pitcher, a pitching coach, a strength coach, a physical therapist…you will find information in this book that is written just for you.

Buy this today, and be smarter tomorrow.

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