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April 21, 2018

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Get a Grip

The season opener begins with the podcast’s newest addition, Coach Larry Owens, and his segment called the “Top of the First”.Larry talks about a topic that is near to him: youth pitchers being overused due to back-to-back games and how the negative results of being overused can show-up for many years to come. Larry and I try to offer some “food-for-thought” to youth coaches on how to address this ongoing issue.

And in the Teaching Moment for this episode entitled “Get a Grip”, I talk aboutthe anatomy of the grip, the roles of the fingers and wrist, and their relationship and connection to the release, spin rate, pitch-type, hand-size, etc.

And in today’s last segment, “Engineering the Pitcher”, I make some suggestions for how pitcher’s can “get a better grip” on the baseball through strength training the often-forgotten fingers as well as the wrist.

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