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Information, Solutions, and Troubleshooting for the baseball pitcher

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The intent of this program is to provide immediate strategies and solutions for our pitchers so they can avoid becoming part of the injury crisis that is so prevalent in baseball. This program is for youth pitchers, professional pitchers, parents of pitchers, and coaches. I promise food for thought with a new and refreshing approach. It's full of insights, education and information, training tips, and more.

About my fantastic host, Joe Janish
Joe is the founder of, a resource helping baseball pitchers understand why injuries occur and how they can be prevented. He also writes for ESPN's SweetSpot Network and is a baseball instructor at Akadema’s ProPlayer Academy in Hawthorne, NJ. Joe earned NCAA Division 1 All-American honors as a catcher for St. Peter’s College and was the pitching coach for St. Peter’s most successful season, when the team was MAAC champion and made its first and only appearance in the NCAA Regionals. Through the years, Joe has coached several players who went on to play pro ball, including a few lucky enough to make it to MLB.


Episode 28, January 22nd - 2020 Season

The Rear Leg:should it be on or off the ground during the rotational phase of the pitching motion?

Angel opens-up Season Eight, Episode One, with guest Head Coach Larry Owens from Bellarmine University.

Larry had a question about the pitching motion, specifically, the common flaw of lifting the rear leg off the mound early in the motion, so much so, that it looks like the pitcher is pitching on one leg.

Angel goes into depth about not only the role of the rear leg, but the effect lifting the leg has on rotation and arm mechanics.

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Episode 27, December 17th - 2020 Season

Frame BY Frame Analysis of a complicated arm action: understanding the what and why.

Join me in troubleshooting an arm-action issue. A coach/listener provided video for a consult with me to help him understand more thoroughly what this pitcher was doing wrong.I provide a visual/photo feedback session to explain what he’s doing, why he is doing, and the details around the flaw.

You don’t want to miss this as I guarantee, this is a flaw that you have seen and will continue to see; you can get a handle on this now.

To see the meeting and the visual demonstrations, this podcast is also available on YouTube at Angel Borrelli Pitching.

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Episode 26, November 24th - 2020 Season

A face-to-face video session with D-1 pitchers.

Our friend to the show Coach Larry Owens from Bellarmine University asked if I would be open to doing a face-to-face video call with his pitchers.

The great news is that we recorded the video meeting so I could share it with you as today’s podcast. The pitchers asked great questions which led to many interesting topics ranging from training to throwing programs and more.

To see the meeting and the visual demonstrations, this podcast is also available on YouTube at Angel Borrelli Pitching.

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Episode 25, November 5th - 2020 Season

Three must-do exercises for the upper back of the pitcher.

Off-season Pitcher-Specific Training Series starts today.

Three must-do exercises for the upper back of the pitcher.

In my off-season training series, you will get:

  • Specialized exercises with still shots/video that can be viewed at Angel Borrelli Pitching on YouTube
  • The How and Why of all the exercises
  • How to incorporate the exercises into your training program


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Episode 24, October 23rd - 2020 Season

Situations and Solutions for Off-Season… and… Should You Emulate a MLB pitcher that You Like?

With the unusual circumstances of the 2020 spring, summer, and fall seasons for baseball pitchers, coaches and pitchers find themselves asking questions about readiness for the fall, shutting pitchers down when if feels like they’ve been shut down, and scenarios that are beyond one’s imagination.

Many situations are discussed with my suggestions for how to make decisions that will ensure a sound re-entry into spring baseball, 2021.

I also delve into the main question I receive during the World Series: “so-and-so on the MLB does this with his mechanics and he is really good.Should I emulate him?”You want to hear this before you start making your own adjustments.

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Episode 23, October 8th - 2020 Season

The 2020 MLB Post-Season Play-offs: take home messages that I saw and heard...loud and clear

In this special episode, Coach Larry Owens from Bellarmine University and myself talk about two topics that are critical to the development and success of our pitchers (and are often overlooked and/or underplayed as being important).

There are no words to describe or summarize our discussion so do not miss listening to this episode.If you are a coach, a parent, or a pitcher, and the topics we discuss pertain to you, the information you hear could be a game-changer for you and your improvement.

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Episode 22, September 17th - 2020 Season

“Three-up and three-down”: a topic line-up you do not want to miss

MLB pitching injuries: why are there so many?

Creating and planning your cycles of training between now and the beginning of the 2021 season…plus…the special recruitment obstacles facing our graduating high-school seniors.

The importance of the height of the front leg: a drill and exercise that teach the skill.

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