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April 21, 2018

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Getting started

Services for the pitcher, the coach, the league, and the coach

For the pitcher:

Sessions with pitchers are one-on-one and include:


Strength & Power Training workouts

  • Comprehensively designed to improve power output,  mechanics and velocity
  • Injury prevention training using cutting-edge knowledge combined with advanced training techniques to ensure longevity

For the coach:

Coaching the Coaches™

I am very excited about my newest service to help you with your pitchers.  I have a new filming set-up that allows me to film your pitcher and have it download automatically into my computer for us both to look at.  I am able to make an immediate analysis, tell you what one issue he needs to work on first, and create a drill for him on the spot.  You then can work with him during your practices and see the results automatically.  This is great for any of your pitchers, and especially for that one pitcher that perplexes you!  Call for more information to see how we can make this work for you and your team.

For the league:

Training seminars

My dedication to pitchers includes an acknowledgement of the importance of pitching coaches, their role in the development of pitchers, and my desire to make a contribution of information to them that can enhance their skills in the following areas:

  • Understanding the pitching motion
  • Understanding teaching methods
  • Understanding injuries and their prevention
  • Understanding velocity production

Some leagues that have taken advantage of this service:

    • NorCal Baseball, 2010
    • Pleasant Hill House League
    • Pleasant Hill Hawks
    • Walnut Creek Little League

For the team:

Team training sessions

  • Bring me in to educate your pitchers on
    • my signature pre-pitching and post-pitching performance-enhancing programs
    • velocity-improving finger/wrist/forearm/elbow programs
    • lower body power-development
    • …and more

Some teams that have taken advantage of this service:

    • Lamorinda Cougars
    • Lamorinda Nighthawks
    • Moraga Angels
    • Los Modanos College
    • Diablo Valley College
    • Pleasant Hill Condors 10's
    • Pleasant Hill Hawks 11's